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Chain link fences are among the most cost-effective and versatile fence options available for residential and commercial property.

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Chain link fences have come a long way since the original boring plain-woven steel designs. Our modern chain link fences in Wichita are available in a wide range of styles, from varying patterned linking chains, to coatings for enhanced weather resistance, several color options to improve aesthetic appeal, privacy screens and more.

Popular Options:

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Searching for Chain Link Fence installation in Wichita or repair services?

We can help! Our chain link fences in Wichita are durable, low-maintenance and strong. Interested in learning more about chain link fences or in getting a free quote on installation or repair? Call or message us today for a free quote and consultation on fencing solutions custom-tailored to your goals.

Benefits of Chain Link Fencing


For many home and business owners, having the protection and security of a fence with the ability to see what’s going on is an important consideration. Our chain link fence options in Wichita provide a secure perimeter whiteout obstructing the view.

Low Maintenance

Made from galvanized steel resistant to corrosion and available with added protection such as powder coating, our fences and chain link gates in Wichita are built to last with minimal (if any) maintenance required.


Of all the fence options on the market, chain link fences are among the most affordable.


Our chain link can be used in a wide variety of settings both commercial and residential with natural metal and black chain link fence options in Wichita. Common uses include: enclosing yards, fencing off work areas, use in athletic settings (such as batting cages), pet kennels and cages, perimeter fencing, security fencing, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As you can imagine, the cost of chain link fencing will vary based on several factors such as the size of the area you wish to enclose, the options you choose (height, color, steel gage, etc.).

On average, chain link fencing costs between $5 and $20 per foot for raw materials, and between $10-$20 per linear foot for installation.

To get a more accurate price quote, reach out today (316) 218-3450 and let our team know exactly what you need. We’ll be able to quickly assess your options and provide you with a fair, transparent and affordable quote.

Prices for repairs vary. Please give us a call (316) 218-3450 and we can help provide you a quote.