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Know How To Determine Whether Fence Repair or Fence Replacement Is Right for You

Though wooden and vinyl fences make excellent additions to yards, enhancing the space’s visual appeal and security, they won’t last forever. If your fencing’s best days are long gone, you’ll need to take prompt action to restore its beauty and performance. So, should you repair or replace fences at the first signs of trouble?

As Wichita’s leading fence company, TM Fencing, LLC has years of experience providing various services like fence renovation and repair. Here, we explain which factors to look for in your fence to determine whether fence restoration or repair services are best for your individual situation. 

Severity of Fence Damage

When assessing your fence, you should first note whether the damage or problem with your fence is cosmetic or severe. A total fence upgrade is usually unnecessary for surface-level damage like fading or peeling paint. To remedy that problem, you can simply repaint the fence. 

Serious problems that would require fence replacement include:

  • Broken posts or panels
  • Extensive rot
  • Mold

Repairing those problems is usually expensive, so it might be best to replace the fencing to restore its beauty and structural integrity. 

Typical Problems Associated With Specific Fencing Materials

Some problems with fences are specific to the fencing’s materials. For instance, natural wood fences are more porous and prone to rot, moisture, and other environmental conditions than engineered or pre-treated wood.

Before you repair or replace fences consisting of natural wood, check for discoloration, splintering, and warping. Wood filler can repair minor damage, like small cracks, but replacing boards and rails with severe damage is usually ideal.

Vinyl is a more weather-resistant fence material. Still, the material is vulnerable to cracks from heavy snowfall and direct impacts from debris or vehicles. Avoid fixing cracked vinyl; replace the damaged picket or the entire fence panel for the best results. 

Fence Age

Even if you maintain your fencing well, time will eventually take its toll. Wooden fences are the most susceptible to natural wear and tear; their average lifespan is about 15 years. Aluminum and vinyl fences can last up to twice that long. Before your fence nears the end of its lifespan, consider upgrading the structure.

Current Financial Status

Your current financial status will also determine when to repair or replace fencing. Getting a fence permit and investing in an entirely new fence will require higher costs upfront. Repairs and ongoing maintenance are more cost-effective options, yet they’re not always the best long-term solutions.

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Sometimes, knowing when to repair or replace fences isn’t obvious without professional help. Thankfully, the experienced professionals at TM Fencing, LLC in Wichita, KS, can advise you on everything from fence maintenance to the cost of building a privacy fence

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Practice Proper Fence Etiquette to Avoid Disputes

Fences might be fantastic property assets to increase the function, security, and curb appeal of your home, but they’re also a touchy subject between neighbors. “How close to the property line can I build a fence?” you ask.

Locally, the etiquette surrounding fence installations means following Wichita regulations regarding landscape construction. In doing so, you should establish good relationships with your neighboring homeowners and avoid building code violations. Wichita’s top-rated fence company, TM Fencing LLC, explores etiquette and local fence laws below.

Survey Your Property for Fencing Accuracy

First, determine the precise locations of your property boundaries–hire a professional surveyor to map out the boundaries. 

An official property survey has the advantage of precision. That way, your new fence won’t encroach on someone else’s turf by accident.

Speak With Your Neighbors Before Finalizing Fence Installations

Have you talked directly to your neighbors about your fence installation plans? Keeping everyone in the loop prevents confusion and resentment. 

Why not show them the survey so they can see where you’ll build? They might appreciate that you made the effort to protect their interests and return the favor.

Double-Check Fence Rules and Regulations

There’s no question about it; your fence must comply with all local regulations regarding fences and similar structures. Some municipalities have permit requirements (you can’t build without this permit). However, even a municipal permit isn’t always enough.

Do you have neighbor agreements or HOA guidelines in place? These rules often stipulate detailed restrictions when it comes to outdoor structures. 

Choose a Professional Fence Company

How close to the property line can I build a fence? Hiring an experienced local fence service provider could provide the answer.

For example, local companies like TM Fencing LLC will build you a durable fence from high-quality materials and that complies with all those regulations and rules in Wichita. These types of guidelines cover factors like:

  • Height specifications: Can backyard fences be taller than front yard ones? Such regulations ensure that passersby can see the front of a property.
  • Permissible materials: Does your municipality allow barbed or razor wire on top of residential fences? For safety reasons, many do not. 
  • Fence maintenance responsibilities: Does your area say anything about how you must maintain the fence? Regular maintenance makes for a durable fence, but it also prevents a dangerous or dilapidated structure in the community.

How Close to the Property Line Can I Build a Fence? Ask TM Fencing LLC To Verify Wichita’s Specifics

Your fence’s legal proximity to the property line depends on your state, city, and neighborhood. Your fence builders can help you navigate the particulars, like how any legal language about fences affects your unique setup, repairing or replacing your fence, or privacy fence cost. The safest bet usually involves building the new fence just within your property boundary so that you don’t risk it touching a neighbor’s property.

How close to the property line can I build a fence in Wichita, Kansas? Call TM Fencing LLC at 316-218-3450 to find out. Get your free estimate on your residential fencing project and our team can handle the rest.

When you want to create an oasis of calm and tranquility in your Wichita backyard — or at the very least keep your family safe and block your neighbors’ view into your property — a privacy fence is the perfect solution. But how much does it cost to build a privacy fence, and is it in your budget?

Homeowners can expect to spend at least several thousand dollars for a high-quality, professionally built fence. However, pricing for privacy fences can vary significantly depending on a range of factors. TM Fencing, a Wichita Fence Company offers this guide to expenses to keep in mind while planning your project.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Erecting a Privacy Fence

Contractors estimate privacy fence installation cost by the linear foot, which can range from about $10 per foot to up to $50 or more. The larger your yard, the more expensive the project will be.

Determining the answer to how much does it cost to build a privacy fence also depends on the following factors:


What you choose to construct it from is the most significant factor in your budget for building a privacy fence. True privacy fences require a solid material, so most homeowners choose wood or vinyl.

In general, vinyl fencing is the most expensive, but it also requires the least maintenance and is the longest-lasting option.


In addition to the length of the fence, their height also affects fence building expenses. Taller fences cost more; adding to the standard six-foot fence height can add up to 35% to the final bill for constructing a privacy fence.


The cost per linear foot of your new fence will also include charges for labor, which can account for up to 50% of the bill. If the installation process requires dealing with a significant slope, trees, rocks, or other obstacles that the crew has to work around, the labor costs will increase.

Extra Services

A quote for a new privacy fence may include charges for extra services, such as acquiring permits in accordance with fence laws in Kansas, removing an old fence, , or dealing with other issues in your yard, like stump removal, or improperly marked underground lines.

Additional Features

Adding features like gates will also mean paying more for your new fence. Other features, like lighted post caps and decorative elements, can drive up the cost.

Get a Quote for Privacy Fence Construction Pricing From TM Fencing

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