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Know How To Determine Whether Fence Repair or Fence Replacement Is Right for You

Though wooden and vinyl fences make excellent additions to yards, enhancing the space’s visual appeal and security, they won’t last forever. If your fencing’s best days are long gone, you’ll need to take prompt action to restore its beauty and performance. So, should you repair or replace fences at the first signs of trouble?

As Wichita’s leading fence company, TM Fencing, LLC has years of experience providing various services like fence renovation and repair. Here, we explain which factors to look for in your fence to determine whether fence restoration or repair services are best for your individual situation. 

Severity of Fence Damage

When assessing your fence, you should first note whether the damage or problem with your fence is cosmetic or severe. A total fence upgrade is usually unnecessary for surface-level damage like fading or peeling paint. To remedy that problem, you can simply repaint the fence. 

Serious problems that would require fence replacement include:

  • Broken posts or panels
  • Extensive rot
  • Mold

Repairing those problems is usually expensive, so it might be best to replace the fencing to restore its beauty and structural integrity. 

Typical Problems Associated With Specific Fencing Materials

Some problems with fences are specific to the fencing’s materials. For instance, natural wood fences are more porous and prone to rot, moisture, and other environmental conditions than engineered or pre-treated wood.

Before you repair or replace fences consisting of natural wood, check for discoloration, splintering, and warping. Wood filler can repair minor damage, like small cracks, but replacing boards and rails with severe damage is usually ideal.

Vinyl is a more weather-resistant fence material. Still, the material is vulnerable to cracks from heavy snowfall and direct impacts from debris or vehicles. Avoid fixing cracked vinyl; replace the damaged picket or the entire fence panel for the best results. 

Fence Age

Even if you maintain your fencing well, time will eventually take its toll. Wooden fences are the most susceptible to natural wear and tear; their average lifespan is about 15 years. Aluminum and vinyl fences can last up to twice that long. Before your fence nears the end of its lifespan, consider upgrading the structure.

Current Financial Status

Your current financial status will also determine when to repair or replace fencing. Getting a fence permit and investing in an entirely new fence will require higher costs upfront. Repairs and ongoing maintenance are more cost-effective options, yet they’re not always the best long-term solutions.

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